Swimming on Saba

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Swimming on Saba

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There are two main areas for swimming on Saba:

Cove Bay

Located below the Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport and the Tidepools trail, this is one of the few swimming locations on Saba. It is protected behind a breakwater constructed from boulders to keep currents and waves at bay. Snorkeling can also be done from this location on calm days. There is a small strip of coarse sand and restrooms available.

Wells Bay

Backed by sheer cliffs, this rocky little bay has a small, coarse black-sand beach that comes and goes depending on the northerly swell.  It is well known as the “wandering beach” due to this fact. This location is also a great spot for snorkeling due to the proximity of the reefs. It is advised when visiting this location to arrange transportation with a taxi driver as the walk is quite long and the road is very steep. Please also be advised that there is no phone connection on this side of the island.