Welcome to Saba

Our island rises majestically from the azure waters and stretches to the clouds. Unlike any other Caribbean destination, Saba is untouched by the quickening pace of the modern world.

Our island embodies the old Caribbean: safe, friendly and charming, with exquisite natural beauty both above and below the waterline. Whether you come to experience outdoor adventures or to commune with nature and make new friends, your island adventure awaits.

From November 6th – 12th, join us for our Rum & Lobster Fest! View details here: Rum and Lobster Fest

Diving in Saba


From shallow patch reefs to deep underwater seamounts, Saba offers sites suitable for diver’s of all experience levels.

Hiking in Saba

Hiking & Trails

Hiking on Saba is a rewarding experience, the nature above the waterline is as unique and varied as that which lies below.

Dining in Saba

Find Dining in Saba

Restaurants, Bakeries, Bistros, Decadence and Deserts. Satisfy your every culinary desire while dining in Saba.

Lodging in Saba

Hotels, Cottages & Villas

From luxurious hotels to charming guesthouses, Saba has something to suit every style and budget.

Activities on Saba