Saba Day Trip

Welcome to the Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean. One of the most distinctive and beautiful places on earth, this five-square-mile tropical forest soars 5,000 feet from the seafloor of which 3,000 feet are visible. With a population of just over 1,800, Saba is comprised of four main villages – The Bottom (Saba’s capital), Windwardside, St. John’s and Zion’s Hill (a.k.a “Hell’s Gate”) From the wide expanse of sea, jewel-like foliage and flowers that climb the mountainsides and the charming Saban cottages and buildings, Saba is a welcoming and friendly paradise for people who desire peace, tranquility, and beauty. In addition, Saba is world-renowned for scuba diving and hiking trails, as well as deep-sea fishing and snorkeling. Saba can be reached by air and sea from the neighboring island of St. Maarten.

Reasons to visit Saba for a Day Trip

Cloud Forest Hike

Trails can vary in intensity and variety with options to hike the islands cloud forest, tide pools, historic ruins, and rich natural wonderland. Day visitors can hike to the top of Mt. Scenery and experience the unique cloud forest, the islands highest peak at 877 meters, and take in the lush and often rare, tropical foliage and wild orchids, while spectacular view unfold in front of them. For more information on the hiking trails, visitors can visit the Hiking page on the website. We recommend Mas’cohones Hill, Crispeen Track and or Mount Scenery when visiting for a day. View the Trail tips/advisory below.

Saba Spice & Saba Lace

To capture the local spirit, two uniquely Saban specialties are on the itinerary. First is tasting the islands secret recipe of herbs and spices in the blended run-based liqueur Saba Spice. Next is Saba Lace, the distinctive needlecraft painstakingly created by the industrious women of Saba for the past century. You can visit the lace room located in Windwardside to view these spectacular pieces of art. Visitors can catch this living culture each Thursday when the “Lace Ladies” convene to create their craft from 3-5pm.

Arts & Crafts

A part of Saban’s hidden treasure is its long tradition as an inspiration and muse for the colony of artists that live and create here. From jewelry and glass making to tie-dye and textiles, art is expressed in all forms on Saba. It is also home to visual artists whose photography and paintings can be found throughout the island and beyond its shores. Visitors with a penchant for the arts can spend times creating alongside the artists with a range of workshops and classes. So get inspired.

World-Class diving

Visitors can choose to spend the day discovering one of the top dive spots in the world, the island offers interesting diving for every experience level. Surrounding the island underwater is the Saba Marine Park, one of the most prolific underwater spawning grounds for brilliantly colored fish, lobster, turtles, sharks, corals and more. For more information on diving on Saba, the dive company Sea Saba has an interactive map with all the dive sites and more. You can find this via the following link: https://www.seasaba.com/sabas-dive-sites

Saba Diving

Charming Villages

While travelers looking to just kick back will enjoy the islands relaxed vibe, local fare, and interesting culture. Visually it delights with extraordinary panoramic sea views, lush foliage and charming white gingerbread and red-roofed Saban cottages, which is picturesque and traditional at all 4 villages. You can enjoy by doing an island tour that can be provided by our talented and friendly taxi drivers.

Getting to Saba 

Ferry option 1: The Edge

The Edge offers trips to Saba twice per week, on Tuesdays, and Fridays. Passengers have the option of booking various types of day trip packages. Join the lunch & taxi tour package with a taxi tour around the island, with time for sightseeing, shopping in the town of Windwardside and a lunch at Tropics café that is included in the total cost. Hikers can choose the option of a guided hike package for the wonderous walk-up Mt. Scenery with a picnic lunch in the rainforest. Hikers also have the option of choosing a solo hiking package. Choose any of these packages from the addons during the booking process for the ferry.

The Edge Ferry Saba

Ferry Option 2: Makana Ferry

Travel between Saba, Statia, St. Maarten, and St. Kitts onboard the Makana Ferry. Trips between Saba and St. Maarten are conducted 4 days a week and the Makana also offers day trip options on Thursdays & Saturdays. Departs from Bobby’s Marina in St. Maarten.

Tickets can be bought through the agent on Saba called Saba C Transport or via the Makana website.

Option 3 via air: Winair

Winair currently has 2 - 3 flights daily to Saba. Visitors also have the option of doing a day trip with the airline.  Winair is offering special "Day Tripper Fares" of $140.00 roundtrip to Saba. They can travel over to Saba on the first flight of the day (around 7:00 AM) and return to St. Maarten on the last flight (around 5:00 PM).

Terms & Conditions

Fares are only valid SXM-SAB-SXM for tourists to visit Saba, can only be purchased 7 days in advance, must be purchased at Winair sales office or by calling reservations. Seats are limited, seats are only available on the first flights originating in SXM to SAB.

Places to eat:

Lunch in The Bottom:

Trail Tips:

  • Wear appropriate hiking shoes.
  • Bring plenty water with you, hydrate while hiking.
  • Visit the Trail Shop located at the beginning of the trail head in Windwardside for more information and safety tips and inform what trail you will be hiking on. Do not hike trails that are closed, this will be at your own risk.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of our trails.

View the Trail advisory that is updated every month. SCF Trail Advisory March - May 2024

Saba Mount Scenery

Day Trip Itinerary Tips:

Option 1: Hiking Mount Scenery

  • Arrival
  • Head to WindwardSide: Hike the Mt. Scenery Trail

Hike Saba’s most popular trail that goes to the top of the mountain. The trail takes 3 hours round trip, consists of 1,064 steps, and once at the top, has three breathtaking scenic viewpoints. Traverse through rainforest and then cloud forest and view various species of flora and fauna.

  • Lunch in Windwardside or in The Bottom
  • Departure

Option 2: Hike and Sight See

  • Arrival
  • Head to Windwardside: Short Hike Mas Cohones Trail with a part of Crispeen Trail (1 hour)
  • Lunch in Windwardside
  • Time for shopping & sightseeing

Visit the different stores, art gallery, and jewelry cottages located in Windwardside. Try a sample of Saba Spice, Saba’s locally made spiced rum and view Saba Lace a tradition that dates back to the 1800’s at the Lace Room.

  • Departure, prior to heading to the harbor visit The Bottom

Option 3: Sightseeing & artist workshop

  • Arrival
  • Sightseeing & shopping in Windwardside

Visit many of the different stores, art gallery, and jewelry cottages that are located in Windwardside. Try a sample of Saba Spice, Saba’s locally made spiced rum and view Saba Lace a tradition that dates back to the 1800’s at the Lace Room.

  • Visit the Saba Museum and Saba Heritage Center

View various types of artifacts and paintings that have been found on Saba over the years and learn about the history of the island.

  • Lunch in Windwardside
  • Visit local artist and participate in workshop:

Visit one of the local artists on Saba, view their work, and participate in a workshop to create your own pieces of art/jewelry.

  • Departure

Option 3: Diving Package

  • Arrival
  • 2 tank dive with Sea Saba dive center

After arriving get picked up by a representative of the dive center and enjoy a two tank dive.

Contact the Saba Tourist Bureau if you need assistance or have any questions: tourism@sabatourism.com